FAQ About Homeopathy


Since ages mankind has been striving hard to find an effective way of treatment, where the sole aim was to reduce the suffering of patients. However the existing methodology since ages (and continued till today in the 21st century) has failed to treat illness. Patients are loaded with toxic chemicals, which help very little to relieve the symptoms, but in bargain giving you new symptoms, which were termed as Side-effects.

Meaning, you go to a doctor, with simple complaints of running nose, he prescribes you anti-allergic and antibiotics which partially relieves your cold, but then now you suffer from sleepiness, drowsiness, and acidity, which are termed as side effects of the chemicals ingested.

It was this frustration that made Dr. Samuel Hahnemann an allopath, to stop practicing medicine and started translating books, and while translating he stumbled upon the law of similars in 1976.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann an Allopath !!
Yes, He believed that medical community hadn’t made any progress with using crude medicines for treatment since Hippocrates. He believed allopathic drugs repress the symptoms without curing while homeopathy works with the system to extinguish disease.


The Latin phrase means “Let likes be treated by likes”. Homeopathy works on the principle that to cure a disease, a drug must be found capable of producing similar symptoms. There is evidence that this principle was known to ancient Indians. It is described in Hindu text as Vishasya Vishmaushadham. Like Hippocrates, he realized that there were two ways of treating ill health, the way of opposites and the way of similars.

Take for example a case of Sleeplessness.

The way of opposites (conventional medicine or allopathy), is to treat this by giving a drug to bring an artificial sleep. This frequently involves the use of large or regular doses of drugs which can sometimes cause side effects or addiction.

The way of similars, the homeopathic way, is to give the patient a minute dose of a substance, such as coffee, which in large doses causes sleeplessness in a healthy person but in minute doses will enable the patient to sleep naturally.


Homeopathy believes that disease are outward reflection of internally deranged vital force. Meaning, that what we see as a disease, eg asthma, or atopic dermatitis, is only the outward expression. The cause is somewhere else which is due to a combination of your genetic predispositions and your reduced immunity. Hence to treat a disease, the genetic predisposition to disease has to be neutralized and also your immunity needs to be improved to fight the disease. Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body’s own healing power. This stimulus will assist your own defense system to clear itself of any expression of imbalance. This practice helps stimulate the immune system and the body’s natural ability to heal.

So if you suffer from atopic dermatitis, which is a skin allergy and if you apply ointment on the skin, the ointment will only suppress the skin eruptions temporarily and after some time it will come back again. The reason, that the genetic predisposition to the disease has not been addressed. The homeopathic medicines will strengthen your body’s immune response to fight the skin allergy and once your immunity is strengthened, you will never get the skin allergy again.



The homeopathic medicines are liquid dilutions which are dispensed on a small spherical white color globule which is made from lactose or sucrose. So the white globule is only the carrier of the medicines.

The homeopathic medicines which your homeopaths use come from a wide range of different sources. Most of these are derived from plants, but minerals, metals and some poisons which have been used medicinally for generations are also used.

After initial preparation of the raw material, the remedies are made by serial dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking) in a solution of alcohol and water. This is done a few (three to four) times or up to many thousands of times. The liquid dilution is then used itself as a remedy or soaked into tablets or granules for convenience. The diluted remedies are described as being ‘potentized’ and in recognition of the dynamic healing power they can stimulate.

The ‘Memory of water’
Generally, the dilution is so great that no chemical trace of the original substance remains but, if no chemical trace remains, how do the remedies work? There is abundant proof that these remedies do work. A precise answer is likely to be found outside the chemistry laboratory in the field of physics, especially electro-magnetism. The process of dilution and succussion apparently imprints the characteristic energy pattern, or blueprint, of the original substance onto the water in which it is diluted. This may be likened to the transmission of television signals, where the original scene is converted into an electromagnetic energy pattern (a signal) which can then be broadcast to your receiver. A homeopathic remedy acts as a signal which energizes or stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, mobilizing the defense systems and working on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body.

Homeopathy is gentle and subtle and has the principle of the minimum dose. In homeopathy, only one remedy (or signal) is used at a time. Just as a television reproduces only the programme to which it is tuned, so a sick person is very sensitive to, or ‘tuned-in’ to, the correct remedy and only a minute stimulus from the right signal (or remedy) is required. This is sometimes called the principle of the minimum dose. The idea is to cure with the minimum amount of medicine and the minimum of intervention. It is the body’s energy which is influenced, and the remedies do not cause side effects, as there is no chemical trace to accumulate in the body’s tissues. For the same reasons, it is not possible to take an overdose of homeopathic medicine in the same way as in orthodox medicine (orthodox medicine works on a chemical level). Homeopathic medicines are not, therefore, intrinsically dangerous. Nonetheless, they are clearly capable of stimulating the body’s reactive forces powerfully and should be treated with respect.


Homeopathic medicines may be prescribed in a number of different strengths, or potencies as they are called. The lower potencies have been subjected to less dilution and succussion than the higher ones and are not, broadly speaking, as powerful and long-lasting in their effects. It is the low potencies such as the sixth (e.g. Arnica 6) which are to be found on sale in many homeopathic pharmacies. High potency medicines are usually prescribed by experienced qualified homeopathic doctor. Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed in different ways. However, the homeopathic medicines sold as a combination as OTC product is not the right way of practicing homeopathy. when it is likely that homeopath and patient will wait for a period of weeks to see the patient’s response. A medicine can also be given in a lower potency, singly or repeated daily or more frequently. The homeopath will choose the method to suit the patient and the nature of the illness. For instance, a person who has been ill for a long time and whose body has been physically damaged may need repeated doses of a remedy to stimulate the recuperative powers, whereas a young and basically healthy person may respond very quickly to a single high potency remedy. Individual patients also respond better to some methods than others; understanding this is part of the skill of the homeopath and explains why attempts to prescribe for oneself may prove ineffective.


If 10 children go to a birthday party and have ice cream, cakes, and junk foods, do all of them fall sick?? Some might suffer from running nose (colds), some might suffer from stomach disorder (loose stools and vomiting), some might suffer from wheezing while some don’t get affected at all.

Why is this difference?
The difference lies in their individual immunity and genetic predispositions. The stimulus is same but the reactions are different. Homeopathy scores point over other systems as a homeopathic physician takes a detailed history and gives every child a different homeopathic medicine, which would take care of child’s genetic predisposition. Hence homeopathic medicines will not only cure the child but would also strengthen the immunity so that he does not fall sick again.

To eradicate the disease from roots, we need to rectify the defects in the genetic code of the child. To rectify first we need to understand the genetic code and the easiest way to understand the genetic code is to understand the child’s nature, his likings, disliking, etc… and hence when a child comes to us we need to understand the child nature in the minutest way.

Hence your homeopathic doctor will take a proper and long history to eradicate the disease from its root.

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This is a very common question we receive from our patients prior to any surgery and with quiet confidence the answer is no. The Majority of Implant procedures performed at Dentaris Dental Care have patients noting little pain with only slight discomfort and tenderness as signs of the completed procedures having been done, medications will be prescribed before or after the Implants are placed. Due to the use of Virtual Surgery and the skill of the Clinicians the treatments are precise and heal quicker. Most patients go about their day as normal, but following our post-operative instructions.

Our staff will present you with a leaflet that informs a patient who has just had surgery the best ways to care and look after their new Smile and or surgical areas for the following weeks. It goes without saying that a rigorous oral hygiene plan has be put into place and followed. As well as advice on the best diets and food types to eat during the healing period to give you the very best chance of recovering quicker. There will also be a list of the certain habits and activities that should be avoided, up to and including Physical exercises, smoking, heavy drinking, all of which can be detrimental to the success of the Implants and treatments in general. If there are any medications prescribed by the doctors they must be (in cases of Antibiotics, be followed as instructed.) Pain is not something a patient normally associates with these types of treatments but a little discomfort can be treated with anti-inflammatory.

If a patient does not follow the list of recommendations given by the specialists after Implants are placed the chances of failure can dramatically rise.

E.G. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drug use and not following the antibiotics (if prescribed.) What it basically comes down to is how committed a patient is to the success of their treatments. We will provide the very best tools and doctors to perform your treatments but after the surgery it will be up to you the patient to do the rest

In today’s world, our need for strict and rigorous Infection control has never been greater.  Dentists, their staff and patients are more acutely aware and concerned about the transmission of infection than ever before. Controlling contamination through sterilization has long been considered the most essential component in the infection control process and vital to patient safety. 

Now you are researching your options, which is not only a great idea but invaluable to ensuring you receive the very highest standards of care and hygiene.  Dentists and Medical professionals are required by law to sterilize their instruments to protect both patients and practitioners from possible infectious diseases. We here at Dentaris Dental Care want to ensure that you as a Patient of ours know that we, as a professional establishment follow and observe strict sterilization practices to meet with the sterilization, infection prevention and control.

We receive around 3 patients each week who have been in contact with Dentaris Dental Care at some point about their dental work but decided to visit another clinic first / or instead, mostly because the costs were less at another clinic.

It is very common for us to be contacted by those same patients who find themselves in Lucknow after visiting the other clinic and on inspection realized they would like a second opinion, to visit Dentaris Dental Care. Again we are here to help and provide you with the security that your Smile and Appearance is in the very best hands.